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St. Claire County Bar Association

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Formed in 1963, the St. Clair County Bar Association (SCCBA) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the interest of its members and the local community. The bar association is actually a product two prominent Illinois bar associations joining forces, the East St. Louis Bar and the Belleville Bar Association.

County residents looking for an attorney in their area need look no further than the St. Clair County Bar Association’s lawyer directory. The bar association’s website provides quick and easy access to its membership database online. Attorneys are categorized by name and practice area. The SCCBA's website also lists a number of useful links to legal self-help guides and aid services.

In addition to being listed in it attorney referral database, St. Clair County Bar Association members can also register for CLE courses offered through the bar association. Lawyers looking to make an impact in the local community and/or the organization itself can volunteer for the bar association’s numerous committees and pro bono opportunities.

Contact the St. Clair County Bar Association

P.O. Box 300, Belleville, IL 62222

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