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West Suburban Bar Association

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Founded in 1943, the West Suburban Bar Association has grown immensely since its humble beginnings in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Though the bar association was started by attorneys living in its namesake area, today membership includes lawyers from all over Illinois. The bar association seeks to advance the interests of its members and their communities.

The public can search the West Suburban Bar Association’s ‘Lawyer Finder’ directory for the right attorney for their issue. The bar association categorizes its members by practice area so potential clients will know each lawyer’s specialties before they make a call.

Members of the West Suburban Bar Association can enjoy a number of social networking events. The bar association holds regular golf outings, luncheons, and dinners. It also hosts a ‘Judges Night’ which gives members a chance to meet judges in a social setting. In addition, members will also be listed in the bar association’s public referral database and can participate in various voluntary committees.

Contact the West Suburban Bar Association

10560 W. Cermak Road, Westchester, IL 60154

Tel: (708) 338-2662

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