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Will County Bar Association

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There are over 500 members in the Will County Bar Association (WCBA) and each of its members remain committed to the bar association’s goals. The bar association is a not-for-profit and seeks to maintain the honor and dignity of the legal profession, promote public understanding of the law, advance the administration of justice, and support the public interest.

Those looking for legal help can find a lot of assistance through the Will County Bar Association. The bar association has an excellent lawyer referral program that is easily accessible online. In addition, its website also has an extensive legal self-help guide available to the public.

Members of the Will County Bar Association are listed in its lawyer referral database. In addition, WCBA members also get access to the bar association annual CLE courses and will be regularly notified of upcoming networking events and pro bono opportunities. For those looking to take a more active role in the bar association, there are also a number of committees available to join.

Contact the Will County Bar Association

167 N. Ottawa Street, Suite 200, Joliet, IL 60432

Tel: (815) 726-0383

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