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Winnebago County Bar Association

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The Winnebago County Bar Association was founded on the principles of serving its members and promoting and supporting the practice of law and the administration of justice. It has remained true to these goals by providing its members with plentiful opportunities for public service. And today, the bar association’s membership ranks in the hundreds.

The public can browse the Winnebago County Bar Association membership list for attorneys specializing in their issue. The bar association’s website provides all the of the lawyer’s pertinent contact information.

In addition to being listed in the Winnebago County Bar Association’s public referral database, members also received access to a number of CLE events and publications through the bar association. Those who join can also volunteer to serve on the bar association’s many committees.

Contact the Winnebago County Bar Association

321 West State Street, Suite 300, Rockford, IL 61101

Tel: (815) 964-4992

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