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Women’s Bar Association of Illinois

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The Women’s Bar Association of Illinois was established in 1914 by nine female attorneys in Chicago. Since then, the bar association has grown significantly in membership. However, it has continued to stay true to its founders’ original mission statement. As it has strove to do since its inception, this bar association works to promote and aid women lawyers and positively impact legislation for the common good.

While the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois does not offer direct legal services to the public nor publicly display its membership directory, the bar association aides Illinois residents through its philanthropic and political work. The bar association regularly operates clothing drives, food handouts, animal welfare projects, and a host of other charitable community and legislative initiatives.

Members of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois receive access to sponsored networking events, lectures, career assistance, and business referrals. The bar association also has a mentorship program for new attorneys and members can earn leadership experience by joining any of its 29 committees. Membership is open to both men and women.

Contact the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois

321 S. Plymouth Court, Suite 4S, Chicago, IL 60604

Tel: (312) 341-8530

Fax: (312) 341-8533

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