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Hamilton County Bar Association

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The Hamilton County Bar Association (HCBA) strives to be beneficial to attorneys that live and work in Hamilton County. In order to achieve this goal, the Hamilton County Bar Association provides several helpful tools to its members that improve their legal practices, such as directories of its members so that each member has the contact information of other members and different sections for various practice areas to allow for members practicing in specific types of law to network with one another. Additionally, the HCBA hosts a number of events throughout the year in order to allow its members to socialize and network with one another, including social events such as the annual chili cook-off and professional events such as continuing legal education lunches.

Beyond giving several perks to its members, the Hamilton County Bar Association works hard to be helpful to the general public. Members of the Hamilton County Bar Association are able to volunteer their time to help out people in need of low- or no-cost legal services through District 6 Access to Justice, which is run in part by the HCBA’s public service committee. The Hamilton County Bar Association also regularly puts together programs to help educate the general public of Hamilton County about laws and the legal system, such as the annual mock trial competition for local high school students.

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