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Indianapolis Bar Association

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Beginning in 1878, the Indianapolis Bar Association (IndyBar, IBA) has worked to support the legal community of the city of Indianapolis through community outreach, legislative involvement, and providing professional aid. Although the IndyBar originally began with only 40 members, the membership for the Indianapolis Bar Association has grown to over 5,000. While the main focus of the IBA is on the attorneys that work and live in Indianapolis, law students, judges, law school faculty, and paralegals may all join.

The IndyBar does a lot to help out the local residents of Indianapolis. Twice each year, the Indianapolis Bar Association hosts a free legal advice day at various locations across Indianapolis called Ask A Lawyer, where people can seek free legal advice from lawyers belonging to the IBA that have donated their time. Another free legal program that the IndyBar provides for the general public is the Low Asset Wills Program, through which low-income Indianapolis residents are able to have wills drafted for them by IBA members for free.

Attorneys that belong to the Indianapolis Bar Association enjoy several benefits that their membership provides them with. The IBA allows for its members to stay on top of the latest developments in different legal areas by giving them six free hours of continuing legal education programming each year and then providing them with discounts for its other continuing legal education courses that are held throughout the year. Lawyers that are members of the IndyBar are able to save time in their day-to-day practice of the law by utilizing the free legal forms bank that the IBA makes available to its members on its website. The Indianapolis Bar Association also helps its members get new clients by operating a lawyer referral service for the attorneys that belong to the IndyBar.

Contact the Indianapolis Bar Association:

135 North Pennsylvania Street, Suite 1500
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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