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Johnson County Bar Association

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The Johnson County Bar Association (JCBA) was formed in 1938 and maintains approximately 1,400 member attorneys. The mission of JCBA is to provide a forum for attorneys to network and develop professionally while encouraging respect for the Constitution, upholding the integrity of the legal profession, ensuring justice is administered fairly, and providing educational opportunities for member attorneys. Additionally, the Johnson County Bar Association is very active in the community and provides a number of options for their members to give back through charitable events.

The Johnson County Bar Association achieves their mission by offering several membership benefits, events, and awards for their members. A few events offered by the JCBA include CLE’s (monthly luncheons attended by as many as 250 members), golf tournaments, a holiday party, and a summer party. The JCBA also publishes a quarterly newsletter, a member directory, and upon request grants access to their conference room.

The Johnson County Bar Association recognizes outstanding members by presenting four annual awards. These awards are the Justinian Award for community service and integrity; the Earl E. O Connor Award presented for an attorney who displays continuous professionalism and honor in their advocacy; the Liberty Bell Award for a non-attorney that encourages citizens to understand the law; and the Don Miller ‘Spirit’ Award presented to an honorary member who has overcome personal or professional obstacles in their life and maintained a positive attitude.

Membership in the Johnson County Bar Association is open to attorneys licensed to practice law in Kansas. To join the JCBA, you must fill out a membership application and pay an annual fee which ranges from $170 for attorneys under 36 years of age or who have been licensed for less than three years to $195 for attorneys over the age of 36 or who have been licensed for more than three years. The Johnson County Bar Association also offers seventeen specialty sections, which members can choose from.

Contact the Johnson County Bar Association

130 N. Cherry, Ste. 202
Olathe, Kansas 66061
(913) 780-5460
Fax (913) 780-5480

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