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The Wichita Bar Association (WBA) was formed in 1915 and for nearly 100 years has been a voluntary bar organization that encourages members of the Wichita legal community to act competently, professionally, and ethically. The WBA achieves their goals by providing networking, professional development, and community outreach events that allow Wichita attorneys to collaborate with each other and ensure justice is administered fairly.

Several of the events, professional development opportunities, and outreach efforts offered by the Wichita Bar Association include CLE events, monthly luncheons, a lawyer referral program, and award ceremonies recognizing members for volunteering in their community. The Wichita Bar Association is also very active in youth development and has several programs such as the Speaker for Schools Program that enables WBA members to speak to children about the legal profession.

Two major youth development programs offered by the Wichita Bar Association include the Grow Your Own Lawyer Program and the summer intern program. The Grow Your Own Lawyer Program has been in existence since 1996 and provides an attorney mentor to high school juniors and seniors interested in pursuing a legal career. The program then offers field trips to Kansas Law School, Washburn Law school, the Kansas Supreme Court, and the Brown v. Board of education historical museum. The summer intern program provides summer employment for high school students interested in a legal career and exposes them to the realities of legal work.

Active membership in the Wichita Bar Association is open to law students and attorneys in the Wichita area, but associate membership is open to attorneys not practicing in the Wichita area and honorary membership is open to any person chosen by the Board of Governors. To join the WBA you must fill out a membership application and pay an annual due, which varies depending on how many years the attorney has been licensed to practice law.

Contact the Wichita Bar Association

225 N. Market, Suite 200
Wichita, KS 67202
(316) 263-2251

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