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Women’s Attorney Association of Topeka

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The Women’s Attorney Association of Topeka (WAAT) was formed in 1983 by Cathy Reeder and Barbara Rankin to provide a place for women attorneys in Shawnee County to network and develop professionally. The WAAT continues to actively uphold its founding principles. . Other goals of WAAT include eliminating discrimination and encouraging women to be active in the community.

The Women’s Attorney Association of Topeka achieves its objects through a series of social events, community outreach programs, and professional development opportunities. One of WAAT’s most successful programs is their Read to Me Program, which encourages mothers to read to their children. The Read to Me Program holds conferences with guest speakers and encourages WAAT members donate books to mothers of underprivileged children. Another program offered by WAAT is the Just Desserts Program, a fundraiser aimed at helping single mothers pursuing their education at Washburn University. Activities geared toward helping the professional lives of local attorneys include CLE’s, an annual holiday party, and a monthly newsletter.

Membership in the Women’s Attorney Association of Topeka is open to practicing attorneys that support the goals of WAAT. To become a member, you must fill out a membership application and pay an annual due ranging from free for newly admitted attorneys to $30 for attorneys who have been practicing for more than four years.

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