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The Kentucky Bar Association (KBA) is an agency created by the Supreme Court of Kentucky to regulate legal professionals in the State and any attorney practicing law in Kentucky must belong to this association. The Kentucky Bar Association’s mission is to ensure Kentucky Attorneys act professionally and competently. The Kentucky Bar Association accomplishes its mission by administering the Kentucky Bar Exam every February and July. The Kentucky Bar Association also requires attorneys to earn 12.5 CLE credit hours to remain current on legal issues. If these credits are not completed, an attorney may be disciplined. The Kentucky Bar Association also reviews complaints against attorneys for misconduct and has the authority to disbar or suspend an attorney for unethical behavior. The KBA also formed the Kentucky Bar Foundation to educate the public about legal processes and engage in community outreach efforts.

The Kentucky Bar Association provides a number of events, services, and benefits to their members. These events include CLE’s, a new lawyer program, and an ethics hotline. Additional services offered by KBA include the Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program, which is designed to help attorneys struggling with addiction, mental disorder, or some other form of disability get back on their feet. The Kentucky Bar Association also maintains a client security fund, which reimburses individuals harmed by incompetent or unethical lawyers.

Membership with the Kentucky Bar Association is open to graduates of American Bar Association (ABA) law schools who have passed the Kentucky Bar Exam. Members who have been licensed by the KBA for less than five years must pay an annual due of $220 to maintain their membership while attorneys who have been practicing for more than five years must pay an annual due of $350. Members must also complete 12.5 hours of Continuing Legal Education courses to maintain their membership.

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514 W. Main Street
Frankfort, KY 40601-1812
(502) 564-3795

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