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The Louisville Bar Association (LBA) is a voluntary bar organization with over 100 years of history. The LBA was founded by Edward J. McDermott and maintained only 178 members in 1900. From these humble beginnings the LBA has grown into one of the largest local bar associations in the country with over 3,400 members. The mission of the Louisville Bar Association is to provide attorneys with a forum to network and develop professionally. The LBA also seeks to ensure that justice is administered fairly and that the public has access to the judicial system.

The Louisville Bar Association accomplishes its mission through a variety of social and professional development events as well as community outreach efforts. Some of these activities and events include running events such as the ramble by the river 5k, an annual convention, approximately 90 annual CLE seminars, and a lawyer referral service that makes approximately 20,000 referrals annually. The Louisville Bar Association is also responsible for evaluating Jefferson County Judges to ensure that justice is properly administered. It order to keep its members up to date, the association maintains a membership directory and publishes a monthly newsletter called Bar Briefs.

Membership in the Louisville Bar Association is open to law students, paralegals, and attorneys. To become a member, you must fill out a membership application and pay an annual due, which ranges from $15 for law students, $65 for paralegals, and free admission for newly licensed attorneys. The attorney dues range from $85 for attorneys in their second year of practice to $170 for attorneys who have been licensed for six or more years. The Louisville Bar Association also contains 19 specialty sections available to members. These sections include a young lawyers section, taxation section, and family law section.

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600 W. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202 502/583-5314

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