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For more than three decades, Northern Kentucky Bar Association (NKBA) has upheld the mission of encouraging local attorneys to act with the highest standards of professional competence and moral integrity. By enforcing ethical standards in the legal community, the association seeks to ensure that justice is administered fairly. The Northern Kentucky Bar Association also strives to benefit the community through outreach efforts and by encourage camaraderie among legal practitioners.

The Northern Kentucky Bar Association hosts many social and professional development events to accomplish its goals. A few of the events offered by the NKBA include a holiday party, a golf tournament, and numerous CLE events. The NKBA also provides an attorney referral service and a volunteer lawyer program that allows members of the public to access the judicial system. Highly involved in the local administration of laws, the NKBA rates local judges to ensure judicial accountability.

The Northern Kentucky Bar Association also operates the NKBA Foundation, which seeks to educate the public about the law and to provide legal assistance to qualified groups and individuals. This foundation also offers annual scholarships to Kentucky Law Students. The scholarships offered include the A.J. Jolly Scholarship, which is a $500 scholarship granted to the law student at each Kentucky Law School that maintained the highest GPA in their class.

Membership in the Northern Kentucky Bar Association is open to attorneys and law students. To join the NKBA, an applicant must fill out a membership application and pay an annual due that ranges from no charge for newly licensed attorneys to $175 for attorneys who have been licensed to practice for seven or more years. The Northern Kentucky Bar Association maintains 17 specialty sections open to members. A few of the specialty sections offered by the NKBA include a young lawyers section, taxation section, and a bankruptcy section.

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