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Association for Women Attorneys

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The Association for Women Attorneys (AWA) was formed in 1976 and had an initial membership of 300. The Association for Women Attorneys was finally incorporated in 1985 and now has over 1,000 members. Members include public and private practitioners, law students, law clerks, judges, law professors, and corporate counsel. The goal of the AWA is to promote the advancement of women in the legal field and to facilitate the inclusion of women in the social and economic decision making that occurs within the community.

For members, the Association of Women Attorneys holds monthly luncheons which include guest speakers. Also, the AWA organizes continuing legal education seminars, networking events, and an annual dinner meeting. Through this annual dinner meeting the AWA welcomes new members and recognizes outstanding members.

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New Orleans, Louisiana 70152
Email: info@awanola.org

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