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Baton Rouge Bar Association

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The Baton Rouge Bar Association (BRBA) is one of the largest and most recognized bar associations in Louisiana. The BRBA boasts over 2,500 active members and is recognized for its innovative ideas in tackling and solving problems in the legal profession. Members consist of lawyers from Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

Members practice in various areas of law including business law, family law, criminal law, and veterans’ law. The BRBA provides many benefits for its members including networking events, continuing legal education seminars, and monthly newsletters. Through monthly meetings the Baton Rouge Bar Association provides updated information on the organization’s events and brainstorms ideas on future continuing legal education seminars.

Contact the Baton Rouge Bar Association

544 Main Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Phone: 225-344-4803
Fax: 225-344-4805

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