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Louisiana State Bar Association

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The Louisiana State Bar Association is the largest bar association in Louisiana. It is mandatory that all Louisiana attorneys register with the Louisiana State Bar. The LBA is responsible for processing all ethical violation complaints against attorneys who practice law within Louisiana.

By joining the LBA members are allowed to reap the many benefits of being a member of the organization. These benefits include opportunities to become a part of numerous committees, receive discounted rates for continuing legal education seminars, membership in Fastcase, which is an online based legal research portal, and to be a part of the various networking events that are held every year.

Furthermore, the Louisiana Bar Association provides assistance to attorneys starting their own law offices. Through the Law Office Management Assistance Program attorneys can seek assistance through such resources as the Lending Library and Online Publications Library. Also, the LBA provides programs that are designed to assist attorneys in providing quality legal services to their clients in their law offices.

Contact the Louisiana State Bar Association

601 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-566-1600

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