Hampden County Bar Association

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The main focus of the Hampden County Bar Association (HCBA) has been to support the attorneys that work and live in Hampden County since the association was established in 1864. Since the Hampden County Bar Association exists to benefit the legal profession in Hampden County, membership is limited to people in Hampden County that are licensed to practice law or are currently attending law school. While the amount owed for membership dues are dependant on one’s length and type of employment, membership is free for judges, members over the age of 70, law students, and lawyers that have been licensed for less than a year.

Members of the Hampden County Bar Association enjoy several benefits as a result of belonging to the association. The HCBA provides numerous conveniences for its members, including free usage of a Keurig machine in its office, a drop box for documents that need to be served to the county sheriff, and free use of the association’s photocopier. Several discounts are also provided to members from the association’s corporate sponsors, including LexisNexis, UPS Shipping, and Bob’s Computer Service.

Contact the Hampden County Bar Association

P.O. Box 559

50 State Street

Springfield, MA 01102-0559

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