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Established in 1910, the Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) is a bar association that serves the entire state. Unlike most statewide bar associations where membership is mandatory for any lawyer wishing to practice law in that state, membership to the Massachusetts Bar Association is completely voluntary. Anyone that is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, including attorneys and judges, may join the Massachusetts Bar Association.

The Massachusetts Bar Association is involved in several different projects to improve the administration of justice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Two of the more important initiatives that the MBA puts a significant amount of resources into are advocating for court funding and providing legal aid for military veterans that are appealing denials of veterans benefits in state and federal court. The Massachusetts Bar Association raises awareness for the necessity of court funding by compiling and releasing reports on what current and future cuts to the funding of the Commonwealth’s legal courts will affect the general public and creating public service announcement-style videos to present the information in an easier-to-understand format designed to be understandable to everyone. In order to improve veterans’ access to good legal access, the Massachusetts Bar Association has created a free legal aid phone hotline for veterans and provides a free training course for its members that wish to provide pro bono legal aid to veterans.

One of the reasons why many lawyers in Massachusetts opt to join the Massachusetts Bar Association is to take advantage of the many benefits provided by the association and its corporate partners. Members of the MBA are entitled to discounts or free services at a number of corporations thanks to their membership, including Clio, Staples, and Casemaker. The Massachusetts Bar Association also provides a number of benefits to make its members’ professional lives easier, such as free classifieds on the association’s website and business centers in Boston and Springfield.

Members of the Massachusetts Bar Association have a number of opportunities to be involved in the organization. They may run for a position such as one of the delegate positions or be appointed to the executive board or one of the many task forces such as the Fair and Impartial Judiciary Strike Force. Additionally, members of the MBA can become more involved in their legal practice areas in the state by joining one of the many sections, including Juvenile & Child Welfare and Civil Litigation.

The Massachusetts Bar Association also puts out several publications for its members. Publications including the Massachusetts Law Review and the Section Review keep members informed about developments in the law. The MBA’s other publications, such as the Lawyers Journal and the e-journal, discuss the current state and the potential future of the legal profession in Massachusetts.

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