Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys

In 1981, a group of female African-American lawyers formed the Ida B. Wells Barnett Law Society, later renamed the Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys (MBWA), which was named for African-American civil rights and anti-lynching activist Ida B. Wells Barnett. The Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys was established with the intent of promoting equal and fair application of justice to all, especially where the party in question is an African-American female. For over thirty years, the Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys has advocated the eradication of racism and sexism in the legal community and worked to promote African-American women in the legal profession.

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Something very important to the Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys is to increase the sense of community among its members. The Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys publishes a member directory that is distributed to all of its members, providing them contact and practice information for all of their fellow members. Another way that the MBWA promotes connectivity among its members is by hosting events throughout the year, such as awards banquets and social dinners that allow the members to mingle and network with one another in a more casual setting.

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