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The Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association (MassDLA) is an organization for attorneys licensed to practice in Massachusetts that devote the majority of their practices representing defendants in civil litigation. As the largest bar association in Massachusetts dedicated to civil litigation defense, the Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association limits its membership to those with a serious commitment to defending people involved in civil litigation, including attorneys whose work is predominantly civil defense and others that work for companies that are continually involved in the defense side of civil litigation. However, law students may join for free, regardless of their educational and professional background.

Improving its members’ skills and increasing their knowledge is very important to the Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association. In order to make sure that its members are well prepared in their respective practices, the MassDLA has created a number of programs to help its members become better attorneys, including the Women in the Courtroom Program and the Young Lawyers Survive & Thrive Event. The Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association also makes sure that its members continue to learn by hosting educational events for its member throughout the year, such as lectures and continuing legal education seminars.

The Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association also highly values giving back to the community. Members have many opportunities to do pro bono work through the Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association’s many pro bono programs, such as Dial-A-Lawyer and the MDLA Volunteer Advocates Program. The Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association also does charitable work by sponsoring a number of different scholarship competitions each year, including a writing scholarship competition and an essay competition.

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