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Anne Arundel County Bar Association

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The Anne Arundel County Bar Association (AABA) was founded in 1931 with 17 members and a budget of $63.00. From these humble beginnings the AABA has grown into an organization with over 1,100 members capable of funding philanthropic efforts throughout Anne Arundel County.

AABA’s mission is to ensure the integrity of the legal profession is upheld, the public has access to the legal system, and justice is administered fairly. The AABA also provides a forum for attorneys to network and develop professionally.

The Anne Arundel County Bar Association hosts numerous social events, community outreach services, and CLE courses. A few of these events include a wine tasting, a softball league, golf tournaments, dinners, and educational seminars like law school for the public where AABA members help community members understand their legal rights.

The AABA also operates lawyer referral service that allows members of the public to meet with an AABA member attorney for 30 minutes to discuss their issues for a flat fee of $35. Other events offered by the Anne Ardunel County Bar Association are a barrister’s ball, adopt-a-school a program where members reach out to local area schools, and the Angel Tree Program designed to give underprivileged youth Christmas Gifts.

The Anne Arudnel County Bar Association encourages only lawyers to join, but additional membership options may be available. To become a member you need to fill out a brief membership application and pay an annual due of $65.00.

Contact the Anne Arundel County Bar Association

P.O. Box 161
Annapolis, MD 21404-0161
PH. 410-280-6950
FAX 410-280-6966
E-Mail: AABA@circuitcourt.org

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