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Baltimore County Bar Association

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The Baltimore County Bar Association (BCBA) was founded in 1921 and provides lawyers in Baltimore County with networking and professional development opportunities. The mission of the Baltimore County Bar Association is ensuring justice is administered fairly and BCBA members reach out to improve Baltimore County.

The BCBA offers several services and events for their members. A few of the perks of being a member of Baltimore County Bar Association include access to a Dental Plan, CLE courses, golf outings, award ceremonies, and a newsletter. Other features offered by the BCBA are a career center accessible to member attorneys, a tennis league, and a substance abuse service for attorneys struggling with dependency issues. The BCBA also offers a lawyer referral service accessible to members of the public seeking legal representation.

To become a member of the BCBA you must be a member in good standing of the Maryland Bar or a law student enrolled in an ABA school. You must also fill out a brief membership application and submit an annual due, which is $15 for law students and $25 for attorneys.

Contact the Baltimore County Bar Association

100 County Courts Building, 401 Bosley Avenue, Towson, MD 21204
Phone: 410.337.9103 Fax: 410.823.3418

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