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Howard County Bar Association

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The Howard County Bar Association (HCBA) has been around for more than 50 years and is dedicated to providing attorneys in this area of approximately 300,000 people with professional development, networking, and community outreach opportunities. HCBA’s mission is to provide residents of Howard County with access to the legal system, ensuring the integrity of the legal profession is upheld, and working to ensure justice is administered fairly.

HCBA hosts CLE’s, provides a legal referral service for community members, and publishes a newsletter known as the Barrister. The Howard County Bar Association also created the Bar Foundation, which seeks to fund special projects designed to improve Howard County. One of their projects was creating child visitation exchanges to provide a safe environment for parents going through difficult divorces with a neutral site to exchange children. They also created a program known as “We the Jury”. This program seeks to encourage high school students to pursue a legal career by conducting mock trial competitions.

Membership in HCBA is open to attorneys licensed to practice in Maryland. To join the Howard County Bar Association you must fill out a membership application and private attorneys must pay an annual due of $110.00 while government lawyers need to pay only $60.00.

Contact the Howard County Bar Association

3451 Courthouse Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Tel: (410) 313-2035
Fax: (410) 313-2032
Email: kim@howardcountybar.org

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