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Albanian American Bar Association

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One of the newer bar associations in Michigan, the Albanian American Bar Association (AABAM) was established in 2011.’ Though the organization does not have any formal membership requirements beyond being licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan, most of the members of the organization are of Albanian descent and reside in the greater Detroit metropolitan area.’ As such, many of the events and resources provided by the Albanian American Bar Association of Michigan to its members are most beneficial to those living in the southeastern region of Michigan.

The Albanian American Bar Association of Michigan’s primary purposes are to aid Michigan’s Albanian community with their legal issues and to improve the Albanian-American legal community present in Michigan.’ One of the ways that AABAM provides opportunities for members to be involved in the local Albanian community is by working with legal clinics at Michigan law schools to work as translators and provide legal aid for immigrants and local citizens whose primary language is Albanian seeking legal help at these clinics.’ The association also reaches out into the local community and improves congeniality among its members by participating in diversity events hosted by the State Bar of Michigan.

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