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Armenian-American Bar Association

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The Armenian-American Bar Association (AABA) was founded initially in 1958, but the organization was not officially recognized by the State Bar of Michigan until 1985. This bar association has the goals of promoting Armenian culture and of bringing together lawyers of Armenian descent that practice law in Michigan. The AABA achieves its first goal by hosting and co-sponsoring a number of cultural events throughout the year, including lectures on various Armenian and Armenian-American cultural topics and exhibits featuring items of historical or social significance to the Armenian-American community living in Michigan.

In addition to supporting the Armenian-American community in Michigan, the Armenian-American Bar Association promotes both the Armenian-American legal community and the general legal community in Michigan.’ The bar association aids its members and the Armenian-American legal community by working with the Armenian Bar Association to provide resources and support to Armenian-Americans practicing law throughout the United States.’ Also, the Armenian-American Bar Association helps improve the legal community in Michigan as a whole by hosting events and co-sponsoring mixers with other bar associations to provide Michigan lawyers a chance to network and socialize in a more relaxed setting.

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150 W Jefferson Ave, Suite 2500

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