Association of Defense Trial Counsel

The Association of Defense Trial Counsel (ADTC) exists to promote the efficiency of insurance and corporate trial defense as practiced in the southeastern part of Michigan, especially in the city of Detroit.� Membership of this organization is primarily reserved for attorneys that practice in the greater Detroit metropolitan area and whose practices consist predominantly of defending insurance companies and other corporations in civil litigation.� However, people that do not fit the aforementioned description as defense counsel for corporations may still join as associate members.

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Improvement of the practice of corporate defense in southeastern Michigan is achieved by the Association of Defense Trial Counsel through a number of different means.� Chief among these ways is by hosting several lectures throughout the year that are designed to educate the ADTC�s members about different ways that they can improve their skills, such as a lecture given by a local judge about the most common mistakes made by lawyers that he has witnessed several times in his courtroom.� Other ways that the Association of Defense Trial Counsel promotes the insurance and corporate trial defense legal community are through social events such as outings to baseball games and providing links to particularly useful websites and articles that are pertinent to this particular legal practice area.

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