Catholic Lawyers Society

The Catholic Lawyers Society (CLS) of Detroit, Michigan was established in the early 1990s. It is a special-interest bar association, with a membership base made up almost entirely of Catholics that are working in the legal profession in Detroit. The goal of the Catholic Lawyers Society is to engage in works of charity, mercy and justice in the Detroit area in order to promote high ethical and moral standards in the legal profession and among its members.

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The CLS keeps its members informed as to important legal issues that deal directly with commonly-held Catholic beliefs such as gay marriage and contraception by providing short summaries of and links to important news and law review article and court rulings on the association�s website. The Catholic Lawyers Society also promotes fellowship and opportunities to discuss these and other pertinent legal issues by hosting social events, including the annual Advent Evening of Reflection. Through its annual scholarship competition and other service-oriented events, the Catholic Lawyers Society is able to give back to the community while promoting the ethical and moral standards that it greatly cherishes among its members.

Contact the Catholic Lawyers Society:

23409 Jefferson Ave., Suite 100

St. Clair Shores MI� 48080