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Davis-Dunnings Bar Association

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Prior to February of 2012, the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association (DDBA) was known as the Lansing Black Lawyers Association. The original organization was founded in 1981 as a way to foster a sense of community among African-American lawyers working and living in the Lansing Area and promote equality in rights and opportunity in the legal profession. Since the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association primarily works within the African-American legal community, the vast majority of its members are African-American, though anyone may join the organization.


The Davis-Dunnings Bar Association is very proactive in the Lansing-area community. It provides ample opportunities for its members to actualize the organization’s goals in the community through a number of different programs and committees. These committees and programs include the Mentorship program, the Pipeline Committee that focuses on eradicating barriers that minority students may face in pursuing the education necessary to obtaining a career in the legal profession.

Contact the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association:

P.O. Box 14234

Lansing, MI 48901


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