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Grand Rapids Bar Association

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The Grand Rapids Bar Association (GRBA) was founded in 1902, and it prides itself on the professionalism and civility which have been notable characteristics of its members beginning with the founders of the organization. One of the most important goals of the Grand Rapids Bar Association is to continue to foster that sense of civility and professionalism in the whole of the legal community in Grand Rapids. Two of the ways that the GRBA achieves that goal is through its Young Lawyers and Student Members sections by offering aid in procuring clerkships and other career opportunities and counseling in educational and professional matters.

Members of the Grand Rapids Bar Association are able to aid the local community through the Justice Foundation of West Michigan. The foundation provides lawyers the opportunity to get out into the community by volunteering time at the Legal Assistance Center and helping run the Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament. Attorneys can also contribute funds to the Justice Foundation of West Michigan, which uses the money to fund projects such as brochures for parents to help them navigate the juvenile justice system and a law library to be used by the general public as part of the Justice for Our Neighbors clinic.

Contact the Grand Rapids Bar Association:

161 Ottawa Ave. NW Ste. 203-B
Grand Rapids, MI’ 49503

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