Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan

The Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan (HBAM) was established in 1991. Membership to the Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan is open to all Michigan-licensed attorneys, but the majority of members are of Hispanic descent. The bar association�s goals are� provide a collective voice for Hispanic lawyers in Michigan and to better serve the Hispanic community in Michigan through assisting the Hispanic community and advocating for the rights of the Hispanic community.

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Since one of the goals of the Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan is to assist the Hispanic community of Michigan, the association makes efforts to reach out to the Spanish-speaking Hispanics living in Michigan that may be more comfortable with the Spanish language as opposed to the English language. The information on the Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan�s website that is aimed at members of the community that are not lawyers is printed in both English and Spanish. Additionally, the HBAM provides referrals to Spanish-speaking attorneys that are licensed in Michigan.

Contact the Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan:

302 W. Main Street

Northville, MI 48167

(586) 883-6731