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Jackson County Bar Association

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The Jackson County Bar Association (JCBA) exists to help lawyers working in Jackson County maintain a community within the legal profession in the county. One of the organization’s goals is to encourage its members to be helpful to one another and build a sense of camaraderie. In order to achieve this goal, the Jackson County Bar Association provides plenty of opportunities throughout the year for its members to get to know one another and to work side-by-side to improve the community.

Additionally, the Jackson County Bar Association exerts a sizable amount of time and energy in working to increase the access of the local community to the legal information that they need. One way that the JCBA does this is by providing clear and easy to follow links to all of the necessary legal resources that an average resident of Jackson County may need. Another way that this organization improves the community’s access to legal information is by providing a directory of its members organized both alphabetically and by area of legal practice.

Contact the Jackson County Bar Association:

P.O. Box 787

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