Kalamazoo County Bar Association

The predominant focus of the Kalamazoo County Bar Association is to advocate for the improvement of the legal system in Kalamazoo County. By improving the legal system of Kalamazoo County, the bar association hopes to promote a positive connection between the legal profession and the public living and working in Kalamazoo County. One way that the Kalamazoo County Bar Association improves the legal system in Kalamazoo County is by providing free legal clinics at local public libraries and community centers, so that everyone has an opportunity to consult a lawyer regardless of their financial situation.

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While benefiting the public is a significant part of the Kalamazoo County Bar Association´┐Żs overall purpose, the bar association also seeks to be beneficial to its members. One unique way that the bar association aids its members in becoming better lawyers is by hosting lawyers-only round tables, often hosted at public libraries during the lunch hour. At these informal discussion sessions, attorneys that are members may consult one another about their real-world experiences and knowledge about different areas of law.

Contact the Kalamazoo County Bar Association:

137 N. Park Street, Suite 104
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
(269) 381-4693