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Livingston County Bar Association

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Established in 1974, the Livingston County Bar Association was founded with two purposes. These purposes are promoting the interests of the Livingston County legal community and to improve relations between the legal community and the rest of the community living and working in the county. Therefore, membership of the organization is limited to attorneys and law students that live, work, and/or study law in Livingston County, as these are the people that would benefit the most from membership to the bar association.

The Livingston County Bar Association provides several benefits for its members. For members interested in or practicing domestic law or probate law, there are subsections that allow them to connect with other Livingston County Bar Association members involved in these areas of law. The website for the bar association also allows for the association’s members to be listed on the website by their practice area, including more than one listing if they want to advertise their practice in more than one area of the law.

Contact the Livingston County Bar Association:

P.O. Box 2316

Howell, MI 48844

(517) 546-7363

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