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Livonia Bar Association

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Serving both Livonia and the Detroit Metro area, the Livonia Bar Association‘s purposes are to promote the legal profession in the city of Livonia and the surrounding region, provide opportunities for its members to grow professionally, and to improve the congeniality between members of the local judiciary with local attorneys. The Livonia Bar Association operates both a website and a Facebook page.’ While the website is geared towards the general public, the bar association’s Facebook page is predominantly focused on providing useful information and updates to its members.

The Livonia Bar Association has a heavy focus on community outreach. This organization is routinely a sponsor for various charity events, such as Livonia’s annual Turkey Trot and the Relay for Life. In addition to sponsoring, the bar association reaches out by actively hosting its own events to benefit the public, including providing free legal advice to the general public at a local library on National Law Day and holding an annual essay contest for a college scholarship.

Contact the Livonia Bar Association:

15357 Farmington Road

Livonia, MI 48154

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