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Macomb County Bar Association

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Though the Macomb County Bar Association (MCBA) was not founded until 1906, local attorneys had been collaborating on events and participating in community projects under the name of the association beginning several years prior to the formal establishment of the organization. The Macomb County Bar Association was predominantly a social organization until the mid-twentieth century, at which time the president of the organization at the time decided to provide ‘training sessions’ for members to improve their professional skills and different sections, such as the Young Lawyers Section, were established. However, the MCBA still provides plenty of social opportunities for members to mingle outside of the office and courtroom, such as the Macomb County Bar Tour and the District Court Mixer.

The Macomb County Bar Association also continues to provide resources and services to allow its members to improve on a professional level. One of the most significant ways that the bar association benefits its members in a professional sense is by maintaining an online career center at allows for its members to search for employment and list job openings. Another important professional opportunity that the Macomb County Bar Association provides for its members is the chance to participate in very active subcommittees that are formed around specific areas of law, which provides members the chance to interact with other members that are actively and locally practicing that type of law on a frequent basis.

Contact the Macomb County Bar Association:

40 N. Main St., Suite 435

Mt. Clemens, MI 48043

(586) 468-2940

Fax: (586) 468-6926

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