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Michigan Association for Justice

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With a membership base of over 1,800 people, the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) is one of the largest special purpose bar associations in Michigan.’ Membership for the Michigan Association is not limited to only attorneys, but it is open to law students, law clerks, and paralegals as well. However, paralegals may only apply for membership if they are currently working for a lawyer that is a current member of the association.

The aim of the Michigan Association for Justice is to help the working class of Michigan obtain justice if they are wrongfully injured in some way. In order to further help the working class of Michigan, the association provides a number of different legal resources to inform the local community of their rights. The most significant way that the Michigan Association for Justice is able to increase the legal knowledge of the general public in Michigan is through the organization’s People’s Law School, which is a course comprised of seven two-hour-long classes designed to educate the average person about various areas of the law that they are most likely to encounter in their lifetime.

In addition to informing and educating the public, the Michigan Association for Justice provides several benefits to its members. One of the important benefits that the MAJ provides for its members are online and live webinar continuing legal education courses so that members can stay on top of their required number of continuing legal education credits in a time frame that is convenient for them. Another benefit is the effort put forth by the association to connect its members to one another through programs including the Master Mentor Program, the list serves, and the amicus curiae program.

Contact the Michigan Association for Justice:

6639 Centurion Drive, #120

Lansing, MI 48917

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