Michigan Creditors Bar Association

The Michigan Creditors Bar Association (MCBA) was founded in 1994 with the mission of improving the practice of collection law in the state of Michigan and providing educational and networking opportunities for Michigan lawyers that practice in the area of creditors� rights. In order to join the Michigan Creditors Bar Association as a full member, one must be actively practicing in the area of creditors� rights and be licensed to practice in Michigan. Those who do not fulfill both requirements to become a full member may still join as an associate member. Michigan Creditors Bar Association associate members pay lower fees, but do not have as many membership perks as those who are full members.

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Some of the biggest benefits of belonging to the Michigan Creditors Bar Association are the educational opportunities that the association provides for its members. Every year, the Michigan Creditors Bar Association hosts an educational seminar and two members-only dinners with speakers on a wide variety of relevant topics. The MCBA also provides digital recordings for sale of its most important seminars, such as the seminar on Michigan�s Judgment Lien Law.

Contact the Michigan Creditors Bar Association:

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