Michigan Defense Trial Counsel

The Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC) is a bar association created with civil defense lawyers in mind. As such, full membership to the organization is limited only to attorneys that are licensed in the state of Michigan and devote most of their practice to defending people and corporations in civil litigation. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main goal of Michigan Defense Trial Counsel is to improve the skills and increase the knowledge of civil defense attorneys that practice in Michigan.

LegalMatch provides an important service for individuals in Michigan seeking a qualified attorney. In contrast to referrals services offered by Michigan bar associations, LegalMatch ensures that potential clients are able to review detailed attorney profiles, attorney fee structures, and reviews from past clients. In operation in Michigan for over a decade, LegalMatch maintains an extensive database of attorneys who represent all legal practice areas.

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Members of the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel are able to improve their practices through the many different tools and events provided to them by the organization. There are several different sections of the MDTC that a member may join, such as Appellate Law, Commercial Litigation, and Labor & Employment. Several members also enjoy participating in the various teleconferences held throughout the year that address informative topics, including Medicare�s Right of Reimbursement and informal discovery on the internet.

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Grand Ledge, MI 48837

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