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Oakland County Bar Association

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Beginning in 1934, the Oakland County Bar Association (OCBA) has worked to promote the legal profession in Oakland County and serve the professional needs of its members. The association’s efforts in facilitating the first goal can be seen through its community outreach programs. These programs include the Legal Assistance section of the Oakland County Bar Association’s website, which is home to links for the law library that was established by the bar association and a listing of local legal aid clinics, and the Oakland County Case Evaluation Service.

The second goal is achieved by Oakland County Bar Association through the many benefits that the organization provides for its members. One of the first and most noticeable benefits that OCBA members receive is being given the first year of membership free, so that they can see how beneficial membership to the Oakland County Bar Association is without having to pay for it. Other benefits appreciated by members include the bar association’s lawyer referral service, a mentor program, and a discount on the Oakland County courts’ file-by-fax service.

Contact the Oakland County Bar Association:

1760 S. Telegraph Rd., Suite 100

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-0181

(248) 334-3400

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