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Saginaw County Bar Association

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The Saginaw County Bar Association (SCBA) has served the legal community of Saginaw County for over 150 years. During this time, the bar association has sought to promote a sense of community among the members of the organization, preserve the dignity and honor of the legal profession, and aid in administering justice in Saginaw County. The first and second goals are actualized in part through the existence of the many different committees that members may belong to, including the historical committee, the public relations committee, and the library committee.

Community outreach is a very important part of the efforts made by the Saginaw County Bar Association in improving the facilitation of justice in the county. All SCBA ‘members are required to either do pro bono work or contribute monetary funds to the pro bono work being done by the Saginaw County Bar Association annually in order to remain as members in good standing. The Saginaw County Bar Association also hosts several Law Day contests and events for the local community in Saginaw County, including a mock trial competition for high school students attending schools in the county and an open town hall meeting to discuss the Constitution.

Contact the Saginaw County Bar Association:

111 S. Michigan Ave.

Saginaw, MI’ 48602

(989) 790-8488

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