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Shiawassee County Bar Association

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Open to both judges and lawyers practicing in Shiawassee County, the Shiawassee County Bar Association exists to improve the justice system and the legal community present in the county. The association also works to improve the community’s access to the legal system. One of the ways that the bar association increases the local community’s access to the legal system in Saginaw County is by hosting an annual free legal consultation program on Law Day every year.

The Shiawassee County Bar Association also strives to improve the professional lives of its members. To that end, the bar association hosts monthly meetings where members have a chance to network with one another and have their voices heard in what the organization should be doing. Also, the Shiawassee County Bar Association provides several useful links related to practicing law in Shiawassee County and a number of uploaded documents that are necessary for court filings on easy-to-navigate pages as part of the association’s website.

Contact the Shiawassee County Bar Association:

201 North Shiawassee Street, Second Floor

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