Wolverine Bar Association

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Though the inception of the current organization happened in the 1930s, the Wolverine Bar Association was originally started in 1919 as the Harlan Law Club. The club was named after Justice Harlan of the United States Supreme Court because he championed racial equality in the eyes of the law in his dissent against the United States Supreme Court opinion for Plessy v. Ferguson. Since the organization’s initial founding in 1919, the Wolverine Bar Association has continued to promote racial equality in legal matters for the African American community in the greater Detroit area.

The Wolverine Bar Association works hard to advance the careers of and increase the number and variety of professional opportunities for its members and all African-American attorneys working in the legal community of Detroit. It provides numerous occasions throughout the year for its members to network not only with other members but also other African-American lawyers practicing in Michigan and members of other organizations devoted to promoting the African-American community in Michigan. Additionally, the Wolverine Bar Association also increases the number of African-American lawyers in Michigan by reaching out to African-American law students studying in Michigan through its bar passage program, scholarship contests, and law student section.

Contact the Wolverine Bar Association:

645 Griswold Street, Suite 961

Detroit, MI 48226

(313) 962-0250

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