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Boone County Bar Association

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The Boone County Bar Association (BCBA) exists to serve the legal community living and working in Boone County. Regular membership to the BCBA is restricted only to judges and attorneys that are Boone County residents. However, law professors employed by the University of Missouri – Columbia that are licensed to practice in another state are permitted to join the Boone County Bar Association as non-voting members.


Attorneys belonging to the Boone County Bar Association are given a chance to obtain continuing legal education credits at the monthly meeting. Members of the BCBA enjoy being able to network with one another at the numerous social events that the Boone County Bar Association holds throughout the year, including the annual picnic and the annual holiday party.


Aside from being beneficial to the local legal community, the Boone County Bar Association is committed to helping Boone County’s residents. Each year, the BCBA awards scholarships to local high school students that have demonstrated an interest in civic activities, governmental activities, or political activities. Members of the BCBA are also active in assisting non-law-related charitable organizations, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Contact the Boone County Bar Association:

1121 Business 70 East, Suite 2B
Columbia, MO 65201


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