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Established in 1945, the Missouri Bar is the mandatory bar association for the state. All attorneys licensed to practice in Missouri are required to hold active membership with the association. Therefore, the Missouri Bar serves the entire legal community in the state, as well as the state’s general population.

The Missouri Bar provides its members with several opportunities to network with one another. All of the lawyers belonging to the Missouri Bar are afforded a chance to network and socialize with one another at the annual meeting. Members that want to connect with other Missouri attorneys practicing in the same legal field can connect through the Missouri Bar’s practice committees.

Attorneys belonging to the Missouri Bar enjoy several benefits directly pertinent to the development of their legal practice. In addition to numerous continuing legal education courses held by the Missouri Bar either in-person or online, the association also offers weekly summaries regarding important cases decided in Missouri courts.

In addition to helping the state-wide legal community, the Missouri Bar strives to assist all residents of the state. Schools in Missouri frequently take advantage of the educational programming that the Missouri Bar provides, including the Missouri Bar Summer Institute and The Internet Is Forever lesson plans and accompanying teaching materials. Residents of Missouri that are interested in learning more about a particular area of law are able to acquire that knowledge by reading one of the many legal topic pamphlets that the Missouri Bar publishes for the general public.

Contact the Missouri Bar:

326 Monroe
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0119

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