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Missouri Municipal Attorneys Association

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The Missouri Municipal Attorneys Association (MMAA) exists as an affiliate of the Missouri Municipal League. MMAA was established to enhance the professional development of its members, assist members in connecting with one another and other officials at the municipal and state levels, and encourage cooperation among its members to work towards improving the practice of municipal law in the state. In order to best serve the lawyers employed by Missouri municipalities, the Missouri Municipal Attorneys Association limits membership only to municipal attorneys, municipal prosecutors, and all lawyers that spend a substantial amount of their work dedicated to municipal law.

There are a variety of ways in which MMAA provides aid to its members. The Missouri Municipal Attorneys Association ensures that its members are informed of the significant changes to the law and the newest judicial opinions that have an impact on municipalities by sending newsletters that summarize state legislative activity and appellate court opinions. Lawyers belonging to the Missouri Municipal Attorneys Association receive a chance to network with one another at the weekend-long annual MMAA Summer Seminar.

Contact the Missouri Municipal Attorneys Association:

1727 Southridge Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109-4790

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