Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers

Created in 1984, the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers (MODL) strives to provide assistance to the Missouri attorneys that focus the majority of their practice on civil defense litigation. MODL commits itself to enhancing the practice of litigation in the area of civil defense, encouraging a high level of professionalism in the courtroom, furthering the smooth administration of justice, and increasing the quality of service that the civil legal system provides to Missouri�s residents. Membership is only open to those lawyers in Missouri that spend a substantial amount of their practice engaged in civil defense litigation and are dedicated to assisting the Lawyers is its achievement of its goals.

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The Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers offers several benefits to the attorneys that choose to join it. For new members, the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers offers an annual Trial Lawyers Academy where they can learn the ins and outs of being a defense attorney in Missouri�s civil courts. Members of MODL have their professional interests represented in Missouri�s legislature by the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers� political action committee providing support to politicians interested in advancing the position of civil defense attorneys in Missouri.

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