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Montana County Attorneys Association

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The Montana County Attorneys Association (MCAA) exists to provide aid to the attorneys working for Montana’s county governments. The association strives to act as a representative of the state’s county lawyers to a wide range of government entities and to advance the professional development of its members. Due to the Montana County Attorneys Association’s primary focus on assisting Montana’s county attorneys, membership is restricted to the lawyers employed by the county governments of Montana.

The MCAA commits itself to providing a variety of benefits to the lawyers that choose to become members. Every summer, the Montana County Attorneys Association hosts a three-day Training Seminar to ensure that its members stay informed of any significant developments in the area of county and municipal law, as well as giving its members a chance to gain a substantial number of continuing legal education credits all in one place. Members of MCAA can connect with one another and discuss important issues relevant to their particular line of work by interacting with one another on the Montana County Attorneys Association’s online forums.

Contact the Montana County Attorneys Association:

34 West Sixth Ave. Suite 2E
Helena, MT 59601

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