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The Montana Trial Lawyers Association (MTLA) strives to benefit the civil litigation plaintiffs’ attorneys of Montana. The MTLA commits itself to the goals of furthering the professional education and training of its members, advancing the administration of justice, protecting the rights of civil plaintiffs, and advocating improvements to the adversary system. While the Montana Trial Lawyers Association is designed to primarily benefit lawyers that work on the plaintiffs’ side in the area of civil litigation, law students are also allowed to join.

There are a large variety of membership perks offered by MTLA. New members are able to sharpen their professional skills by attending the Montana Trial Lawyers Association’s Trial Academy. Lawyers belonging to MTLA have several opportunities to expand their legal knowledge through watching online educational webinars that the Montana Trial Lawyers Association makes available on its website.

The Montana Trial Lawyers Association is also committed to helping the residents of the state. Once per month, lawyers belonging to MTLA speak about important civil litigation topics that are currently making local and national headlines on a local news radio station, and the Montana Trial Lawyers Association posts transcripts of those broadcasts on its website. Throughout the year, MTLA distributes bicycle helmets to elementary school students from all over the state.

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