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State Bar of Montana

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Established in 1974, the State Bar of Montana (SBM) was preceded by the voluntary Montana Bar Association. As the mandatory bar association for all of Montana, every attorney that is licensed to practice in Montana must maintain an active membership. As Montana’s mandatory statewide bar association, the State Bar of Montana strives to further the development of its members and the legal profession in the state, encourage a high level or professionalism among its members, and to maintain a sense of community among all those in Montana’s legal profession.

The SBM offers a variety of helpful services on its website to its members. For Montana lawyers in the process of setting up their own law firm, the State Bar of Montana provides several links to a range of valuable online resources. Attorneys belonging to the SBM who are unemployed are able to initiate job searches through the classified ads section of the association’s website.

Members of the SBM enjoy numerous opportunities to connect with other Montana attorneys. For instance, every year, the State Bar of Montana hosts an annual conference that gives its members an opportunity to come together and network with one another in one place.

In addition to providing assistance in a variety of forms to Montana lawyers, the SBM also dedicates itself to benefiting Montana’s general population. Important informational resources offered by the State Bar of Montana include pamphlets designed to help young adults understand their rights and legal obligations obtained after reaching the age of 18. The association also offers free teaching materials and lesson plans for Montana teachers.

Contact the State Bar of Montana:

7 West 6th Avenue, Suite 2B
Helena, MT 59624

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