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Forsyth County Bar Association

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Established in the early 1900s, the Forsyth County Bar Association (FCBA) was created to encourage fellowship within the local legal community, promote the legal profession within Forsyth County, and to advance the professional development of its members. The FCBA serves the legal community that work or live within the 21st Judicial District of North Carolina. Membership to the Forsyth County Bar Association is open not only to lawyers, but also to judges and law professors.

Attorneys that belong to the FCBA enjoy the many ways that it keeps members connected to the local legal community. Every month, the Forsyth County Bar Association distributes a newsletter full of the latest community news and highlighting upcoming events in order to provide its members with a concise update on Forsyth County’s legal community. Another monthly feature of the FCBA are speaker luncheon events that address several different topics ranging from golf to the Public Defender’s office.

Contact the Forsyth County Bar Association:

2135 New Walkertown Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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